The US’s Continual War on Women


News fatigue is a real thing. More so when you don’t even know if the news is real or not as propaganda is legal in the US. I still can’t believe it. I sometimes joke about the US turning into a theocracy led by Christians, and I don’t think I’m that far off when you have bills like the Unborn Child Protection From Dismemberment Abortion Act in Arkansas, which allows rapists to sue victims who want an abortion as a result from the rape (1). I’m actually crying tears of frustration and anger because this is punishing the victim for being raped. It’s like saying, “hey, you haven’t been subjected to enough forceful assault, so we’re going to also force you to give birth to your rapist’s child or because your legal guardians sued you to do so.” Dear, God, please smite these people who think it’s okay to torture a woman who’s already been tortured. I thought you taught us love, not torture. Moreover, this isn’t just her life they’re screwing with, they’re screwing with the baby’s life as well. You think the baby will be well adjusted knowing they’re a result of a rape, and they’re continually used as a tool to torture and punish the mother? No. Just, no. This will only end up as a disaster for both mother and child. Much less childbirth is still a major event that a woman’s body undergoes, and pregnancies and the actual birthing processes can still be dangerous for women. If you blanket ban abortion after a certain number of weeks without exceptions, women will die.

Don’t call yourself pro-life if you’re willing to let a mother die to have the child live. Don’t call yourself pro-life that you would let the mother and child starve after the child is born because they’re not your concern after they’ve breathed earth’s air. Don’t call yourself pro-life if you don’t give a shit about everyone’s life. Otherwise, you’re pro-birth. If once the baby is delivered, and you don’t care to help them if the parents are unable to, you are not pro-life because you’re now putting extra strain on a family and torturing them when if they could’ve had an abortion. If you still rather ban abortions, I hope you’re ready to be the social net these children need, especially if parents’ finances aren’t bountiful and if you’re not willing to shoulder that bill and thus causing mother and baby to suffer and potentially die, you are not pro-life. Stop calling yourself pro-life if you’re actually not. Call it as it is: you’re pro-birth and pro-torture of women. You don’t want women to have full control over their bodies that you’re willing to back a law that allows a rapist to further forcefully control a woman’s body. That’s sick, atrocious, and utterly inhumane, and it should be treated as such.


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