As Long As My Guy Wins, I’ll Watch the World Burn as I Burn Too


I feel the title is the victory dance of people who just don’t care, and that’s a crisis we are currently facing. I mean, a rapist can now sue a woman in Arkansas and force her to give birth to a child she may not even want. They’ve basically inferred that women are host before human. Holy shit. It’s like women have no right to their own bodies. Oh, right. They don’t. Because these men make it so. The amount of sickness in you to view women as less human is atrocious, but unfortunately, it appears rather common with how much people want to keep trying to outlaw abortion. They claim abortion is murder, and yet they’ll support the death penalty or a military who kills innocents as seen in Trump’s first raid when more than two dozen non-combative civilians died. Much less, we’re losing power internationally with the European Parliament having voted to end visa-free travel for Americans after the US failed to agree to visa-free travel for citizens of five EU countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland, and Romania).

According to NPR: “The EU Parliament’s move sets a two-month deadline for the EU Commission to act if the U.S. doesn’t change its policy — but the Commission says it may not respond until this summer, according to Reuters.” Although, it’s also reported that: “If it is reintroduced, the visa requirement would be temporary, the EU says.”

I hope that it stays only temporary; although, the US has ignored initial warnings as far back as two years ago. This measure is non-binding, but these next few months may generate either more positive or negative events.

One reason this is bad is because this will lessen American power overall. Americans will have to get the extra step of attaining a visa, which will limit travel for them as it won’t be as easy as it was before. If you planned to go Europe hopping, you’ll have to get visas from every single country instead of how it is now; the power of the American passport allows you to traverse some 156 countries for a certain duration of time even without a visa. Losing that is losing power for Americans. America’s global power is waning in the face of this new government who’d throw our current allies under the bus to court a traditional tense relationship who had a part in our election by hacking our systems. The fact that Americans think that it’s okay for other countries to do the same just because we do is ridiculous. Both countries are wrong, and it’s stupid to claim otherwise.

The more ruckus and fervor those who incite hateful, deceitful, and often violent rhetoric are allowed to prosper, the more the world looks upon Americans aghast. America is fighting its own people, and they’re not currently dealing with the refugee crisis like Europe is, why can’t they get it together? I’m curious, why can’t we get it together? The leaks are exposing information that just makes America sound worse and worse both domestically and internationally. Right now we are still the greatest, but that may change in the future.

How can we be taken seriously if our president and commander-in-chief is refusing to take responsibility and would rather deflect than have an adult conversation without wild accusations being thrown around? We have a deflector-in-chief rather a commander-in-chief. His refusal to take responsibility for the death of the navy seal is a high indicator that he’s willing to distance himself to anything that would remotely hurt his image regardless if it’s his fault – he’ll send the blame elsewhere. Trump is certainly a role model for people who don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. He didn’t need to sign off on the mission. Nine men, six women, and nine children also died including an eight year old American girl. They were civilian non-combatants who were killed – murdered, really. There is no justification to shoot at non-combatant civilians. They are not soldiers. And now they are dead. Trump pledged to pull back in the Middle East but it looks like he’s only starting. US activity in Syria appears to be increasing, not decreasing. Then again, there really is no clear policy except stay there longer and fuck shit up in hopes that the terrorists die too, even if non-terrorists die as a result as well.

It’s like our current government wants everything to eventually be blamed on the US or incite war with the increase in defense spending and things such as building that Mexican wall. That’s at least 100 billion right there. Much less how much more American taxpayers are paying for all the secret service that gets used for Trump’s personal and business. $308,000 a day for his wife and one of his children alone because they refuse to move to the White House until the end of the school year while the past few presidents had their children plucked up and moved. Based on figures given by New York City Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill, it would cost between $46,355,000 and $53,290,000 a year to provide security for Melania and Barron Trump alone at Trump Tower. For just the two, not including Trump’s other kids who are zapping around the world accompanied by secret service and boy isn’t that expensive, that’s ridiculous. That’s millions of dollars that could’ve been used for something else should they have moved to the White House when they should’ve. Even if they don’t make the year, wasting taxpayers’ money at nearly $300,000 a day after spending time ranting about how much our previous president spent on personal things is so hypocritical, the mind is blown. The special snowflake status that many had seemed to hate seems like the perfect opportunity for this family, so why not take advantage? Trump’s supporters don’t care enough – they deflect as much as their deflector-in-chief by pointing to how much Obama has spent golfing (even if Trump went golfing much earlier in his presidency than both Obama and George W. Bush after having lambasted Obama for spending time golfing instead of working – the irony), and he doesn’t listen to the rest of us; how helpless.


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