Unconstitutional Laws Can Be Passed


Unconstitutional laws can be passed. It’s then up to the judicial system to strike it down because they deem it unconstitutional, but the legislative branch and executive branch have the abilities to approve even the most blatant of unconstitutional laws, and it can stay in the books as long as the judicial system decides for it to be that way. Thankfully, checks and balances from the judiciary system to the legislative and executive branches tends to work well.

Take for example Trump’s first travel ban. Highly unconstitutional, but until the judicial system struck it down, Trump’s EO must be followed even if it’s blatantly unconstitutional. It’s like saying that it was perfectly fine for FDR to place Japanese Americans into internment camps and that it wasn’t a bloody black mark on Americans. If you think that was appropriate to be somewhat like the Nazis and literally place an ethnic group of people in terrible internment camps, then obviously you need to do some soul searching and explore the terms privilege and racism and how you are propagating fear based on irrationality because of someone being a different ethnicity than you that you do not understand. “The U.S. internment camps were overcrowded and provided poor living conditions. According to a 1943 report published by the War Relocation Authority (the administering agency), Japanese Americans were housed in “tarpaper-covered barracks of simple frame construction without plumbing or cooking facilities of any kind.” Coal was hard to come by, and internees slept under as many blankets as they were alloted. Food was rationed out at an expense of 48 cents per internee, and served by fellow internees in a mess hall of 250-300 people.” Americans didn’t kill the Japanese in their internment camps, but imprisoning over 110,000 Japanese people for simply being Japanese and denying them their rights as citizens of the United States is racist and the result of fear – there was nothing truly rational about it. It didn’t help anyone. None of the Japanese they imprisoned were traitors. America imprisoned over 100,000 Japanese because of racism and fear. Irrationality tends to win, which is sad that people suffered because others were hysteric and racist and those in charge decided that imprisoning people based on their ethnicity was the best way to go. No, it wasn’t, and is deserving to be one of the blackest marks of American history.

Or in Arkansas, where a husband can sue his wife so she can’t have an abortion and will force her to give birth to a child despite that it’s her body – hosts before human, apparently. Or in Texas where they want to eliminate the ability to sue and be compensated from a doctor under the course of eliminating wrongful birth cause of action.

Or in South Dakota whom just put in a law that would allow: “South Dakota adoption agencies and child placement services to use religion as an excuse to use taxpayer dollars to discriminate against adoptive parents and children, including those who are LGBT”  and interracial couples (Slate). All of it on the basis of the agency’s religious or moral convictions. I seriously hope the ACLU will get on it especially since they got megadonations at the beginning of the year. South Dakota’s politicians also ignored what their voters voted for by going for repeal not even several months later. According to Huffington post and verified elsewhere if you’re willing to look: “Republican lawmakers in South Dakota are ready to declare a legislative emergency so that they quickly and completely wipe out an ethics and campaign finance reform law adopted by popular vote in November. The measure, known as IM-22, passed with 52 percent of the vote. It is supposed to create an independent commission to oversee investigations into ethical misconduct by elected officials, impose tougher limits on campaign contributions and lobbyists’ gifts to lawmakers, place restrictions on lawmakers becoming lobbyists, increase disclosure by independent political groups, and set up a system to publicly finance elections.” How can people trust in their government when their government officials are obviously not listening to what the people wanted? Money seems to always win in the end with government. Absolutely pathetic.

Dumb laws are passed that’s so blatantly stupid, but it happens. Like in Mississippi and Michigan, it’s illegal to cohabit if you’re not married. You are actually committing a crime if you and your significant other live together before being married in those states. “Before the legalization of a common and completely normal practice, [in Florida who just made it legal last year as before it was an actual criminal act and still is for 2 more states] those found guilty of living together could face a punishment of either a $500 fine or 60 days in jail.” (Essence). Remember that. Jail or a fine for living with your significant other and not being married in those two states. It’s still in the law books, guys. You may also lose out on tax exemptions from the feds because of these laws, which is unfortunate.

Dumb laws get passed and then some even stays in the books, even if you think it doesn’t exist. Just because you don’t think it exists doesn’t mean it’s fake. Just because I don’t experience the terrible poverty of those in poorer countries doesn’t mean that that poverty doesn’t exist. If you think it’s only fake news because you personally don’t know about it – that’s ignorance. You’re not wanting to research more and then simply declaring it’s fake is wow. No critical thinking, and the matter of fact is, some if not most people do not want to think critically because it’s hard work, and your brain automatically tries to stop itself from working too hard and would rather be distracted with more pleasant stimulation, which is why you need to train it. Your brain is a muscle that needs training, and there are people who don’t want to continually train their brain and seek more productive and gainful knowledge that’s actually realistic. Ignorance is easy. Some people prefer ignorance to knowledge due to ignorance being a bliss and all, I suppose. However, it explains why we can’t have good things in life because others will joyfully ruin it. The denial that these folks show reality is why humans are devolving back into traditional ideology rather than progressively moving forward. People are so resistant to change and being better for the world because they don’t see the world as something that they should give a damn about. As long as it doesn’t affect them, they’re perfectly content to reap the rewards. But at what cost did it take to get these certain people to reap the rewards, and do they care that they only got those rewards because other people suffered in their stead?

On the other hand, outrage fatigue is a real thing. It’s something that I’ve been experiencing these past several months as people rather believe in their fake news like the Bowling Green Massacre and whatever else the White House is currently spewing out that’s obviously propaganda. Social media really can be an echo chamber, and I get fatigued easily, especially when it’s obvious when someone refuses to do any research and keeps blabbing out fake news or not even bothering to critically think. A problem that is something that I’ve noticed those around me struggle with is that their critical thinking skills are subpar. They fall more willing into believing propaganda and never take responsibility that they’re spewing around fake news, which they continue to believe in despite evidence saying contrarily to what they desperately want to keep believing. Obviously, I need to spend less time on social media and the news for a while too.

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