Economics, Reading, and Bullet Journaling


This week I decided to read up more on economics. One of the books that I’m currently reading is: “New Ideas From Dead Economists: An Introduction to Modern Economic Thought” by Todd G. Buchholz. I started two days ago. It’s interesting so far, and I am assuming that it’s an overview of modern economic thought with excerpts from dead economists. My knowledge in economics is rather lacking so much of the information is rather new to me to the extent of digging deeper for myself to trying to understand economics than having someone explain it to me without visualizations. I never took an economics class in either high school or university. I’m starting to rectify that now by self-study. An early quote by Buchholz: “Any progress that economists make in raising economic literacy can be wiped out in a second by the pie in the sky ravings of a candidate” makes me think of how illiterate the general population is – including me and others who haven’t taken economic courses – when it comes to economic theory. It’s a whole new ball game for me although my partner is much more familiar with economics, and it’s my SO that I can check in with on what he’s learned and what is his opinion on it as I also read more in books and online (for all the two days since I’ve started). Anyway, so far I’ve been introduced to Adam Smith and the premise of his opus magnum “Wealth of Nations”. It’s certainly making me churn the thoughts in my head to make coherency of it and how I view the world for me personally if I followed more on the points Buchholz laid out for readers to understand the basis of Smith and his economic theory. In addition, I have moved onto Malthus just this morning.

I’m hoping to reading more fiction rather than non-fiction soon, but non-fiction has my interest at the moment. There’s so many things to learn! But I’ll probably be going straight into classics by the end of the year to complete the challenge that I’m participating in. I’ve been slacking some in terms of sticking it through, but I have started “The Aeneid” by Virgil that I intend to finish this year for sure. I spend most of my free time nowadays reading and studying rather than gaming. I’m still in pain for most of the week and at several hours to nearly all day, but I’m trying to recover.

I also started a bullet journal. I’m setting it up for April and am just doing what I’ve been doing so far. Hopefully my productivity goes up, which is my main goal of starting a bullet journal. I’m just using a college ruled composition notebook as a way to get started. I don’t want to invest in an expensive journal and don’t even use it after a while. This is a huge problem with my having ADHD. I start a lot of projects and ditch most of them before completion. I’m slowly improving and researching ways to improve my life, but it’s going slow. Any improvement is better than giving up though, so I must keep going on even when giving up would be a lot easier.


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