Learning, Bullet Journaling, Art, and Music


In pursuit of learning, I had to stop deluding myself that I knew all or am close to knowing all even if it’s about a subject that I’ve studied intensively for hours for days on end. I can research, but there’s always a hole deeper to dig when it comes to learning. Learning never ends. It’s applying the learning to things that is the hardest part. How can you take all the knowledge you gleaned and do something with it? To this date, I still have a lot of trouble applying my knowledge. I write here in my blog my thoughts and musings in hopes of sharing with others and hearing a reply, or just thoughts that I want to rant out to the world without a particular type of audience in mind besides whomever decided to take the time to read my blog – thank you for that, by the way. Most of the time that I read now, I have some kind of writing tool – mostly a pen, sometimes a pencil or a highlighter – in hand if it’s a physical book to write in the book or I use notebooks to take down quotes and sometimes write down some thoughts. I find that it’s easier for me to retain information when I take down notes while I’m reading. It makes for a slow read though.

My latest interest in productivity has led me to creating a bullet journal, which I’ve used more for tracking what I do throughout the day like the chores I’ve done, if I exercised, what I ate and drank, and even how I was feeling. I’ve been writing quotes in my bullet journal as well. Hopefully I’ll get some inspiration as I collect more and more information. I’ve also began looking at other examples of bullet journaling. I’ve been on Tumblr a lot more lately looking at all the examples of people’s studyblrs.

I’ve also began practicing hand lettering on my graphing pad in my attempt to become more artsy. It’s a work in progress. I’ve often shied away from art when I was younger. I don’t enjoy drawing things such as creatures or anything that’s not letter drawing unless it’s drawn as a complement to letters. It’s all about drawing letters for me. I like to color in things, but drawing them myself is hard for me unless it’s letters. I never feel that terrible for drawing letters. Letters are beautiful symbols of communication to me. It’s how we can speak to one another even if we can’t hear the other or they aren’t by our sides.

I’ve started to listen to a little more hiphop lately, courtesy of my SO. I like Spose a lot. I’ve also listened to some Dumbfoundead and Wax, but who really captured my attention while I was going through YouTube videos was Lin-Manuel Miranda. I finally decided to listen to a song of Miranda’s musical Hamilton, and the only regret I have is that I didn’t take the time to listen to it sooner. Hamilton is amazing. I always heard it was fantastic, but I didn’t listen to a song from it till a few days ago, and I am star struck. I proceeded to watch Miranda’s performance at the White House for the first year of Obama’s White House’s Poetry Jam and was star struck again. If you haven’t watched it yet, do so. I felt that I was watching poetry. It’s awesome. I can’t stop singing his praises. I also enjoyed his songs that he did for Disney’s Moana. Lin-Manuel Miranda deserves praise.


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