Reflecting While Ill


This past week has been a week from hell. My health took a plunge and seems determined to keep me ill, and it’s been over a week! There’s been allergies, muscle spasms, body pain, fatigue, and a whole slew of other physical and mental illnesses that all seemed to want to pop up at once. On a scale of how bad I felt from 1-10, I was constantly at a 10 last week. I’ve gotten at least down to an 8 now. One of the things that I’ve been trying to keep in mind this week is that God is good and has a plan for me or I have a plan for myself that I haven’t built a solid foundation for yet. Either way, the best thing about the moment is that I’m starting to feel better after last week’s hell – even if it’s a slow recovery.

Considering how unwell I felt, I mostly focused on recuperating and trying to have fun. One of the things that I did was play my favorite mobile game, Summoners War, more often and trying to learn more of the game rather than just playing it instinctively. I’ve been watching SW streams every now and then but I haven’t gotten into it as much as I like watching the League of Legend e-sports pro scene, especially NALCS. I’m a major TSM fan alongside being a fan of SKT. But going back to SW, I’m a free to play player so I’m often grinding throughout the day when I have the energy and despite playing for about a year pretty much daily, I’m only around mid-game, I’d say. My poor phone is showing signs of wear mainly because of this game. I like turn based games and summoning things, which SW and other games like Fire Emblem Heroes fits the bill. Hopefully my phone lasts longer or I can get a tablet somehow – either way, here’s to hoping for longer gaming.

I’ve also been reading into mythology. I just began Myth, Ritual, and Religion by Andrew Lang this morning, and I think I’d like consider the field of mythology further. Moreover, I’m about to begin Hag-Seed by Margaret Atwood for the May reading challenge at LetsReadABook. I haven’t read The Tempest by William Shakespeare, which Atwood uses as inspiration for her book, nor do I know what it’s about beyond what’s in the first few scenes of the play, so I’m going in a little blind. I’m excited to finish it and discuss it with others on the subreddit. Although the subreddit has been lacking a little on the activity, I hope with summer coming up more activity will return with it. I also highly recommend checking out your local library, signing up with them, and see what they participate in offline and online. My library offers hoopladigital and overdrive, which allows me to access a vast number of books that I can borrow from the comfort of my own home. It’s amazing.

My art stuff (along with my bujo, sadly) have been coming along slowly; I did take a break when I fell ill last week. For my art side of things, I think I’m getting to a point where practicing my cursive and other hand lettering styles that that’s what I want to focus on – particularly creating quote designs. Practice makes perfect. I’m going back and forth between working on my art and studying. I’m slowly getting a hang of how I want to study, which includes studying something for a week or two, put it off for a while, and come back when the interest shows again, which it does. For the most part, my interests tend to fall into the same categories: art, gaming, personal development/learning/productivity, reading and studying religion, politics, philosophy, history, and literature. There’s so many things to study, and I have the flexibility at the moment to take my time to learn and practice things while maneuvering being ill a lot that it helps to keep the interest alive for so many things!

Of course, I hope to continue writing consistently with at least one post a week. I’ve kept up writing, but I’d like to do it more. For example, I’d like to post my thoughts on quotes I’ve read considering the amount of reading I do daily always has something that I’m left pondering about. I haven’t been consistent in this so I haven’t posted anything, but I’m still currently focused on getting better physically so this one isn’t a priority. Hopefully, I will at least start.


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