Day 1: Starting Anew in Summoners War: Sky Arena


I decided to start a new account for Summoners War. If you’d like to add me on there, my IGN is Lightingales! While I am not a complete beginner, as I’ve stated in a previous post, I mostly played this game instinctively without learning the game, which is something that I’m seeking to change. As of right now, I am completely free to play and will remain so until I build up google reward credits to buy daily packs. I’m trying to dedicate a good portion of my time learning about SW now, especially since I do play it daily for at least several hours a day.

One of the things that I did today was sit down and set up my accounts properly. I do have my main: AlessaSei – that I’ve been playing for the past year, and Yunalyn, on and off again throughout the year, but I’ll probably focus the most on Lightingales and AlessaSei the most.

For today, I’m mostly focused on grinding and leveling up the basic monsters like light archer, water fairy, and water magical knight and getting through as much as the scenario as I can.


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