Some Thoughts On Colbert, Trump, and the US Military, Especially in Regards to Civilian Casualties


Why is Stephen Colbert being investigated? I thought these ‘conservatives’ don’t like safe spaces, but now are wanting their own safe space if Trump is criticized. They like Trump’s pussy talk and other outlandish things but get offended by Colbert’s vulgarness to indicate how Trump is basically Putin’s bitch (and considering that Trump consistently has praised Putin despite Putin’s positions such as his support for Assad, the invasion of Ukraine, and the constant imprisonment and murder of Putin’s enemies) and demands something be done about Colbert. Much less that Colbert’s show is aired past the time where being obscene would be a problem. And yet, people are fine when Trump goes on interviews or even just tweets on Twitter and says a bunch of fake news like accusing of being wiretapped with zero evidence, and which still hasn’t yielded any evidence. Bunch of hypocrites.

Then again, I’ve seen people bitch about Obama saying good stuff about Fidel Castro (which is wrong to begin with anyway considering that if you bothered to read Obama’s speech, it’s clear that he’s merely being matter-of-fact with no praise or casting stones at Castro. Obama was neutral and wanted to show solidarity as an ally to Cuba, and it was actually Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau who praised Castro) and the same people thinks it’s okay for Trump to invite a murderer to the White House (Philippine’s president Duterte) who gave the okay for his people to murder each other if they were drug users (where it’s also as easy to plant drugs on someone and condemn them to death because you want them out of your way; it’s basically another witch hunt) and keeps praising the former head of the KGB who is often accused of murdering his critics or sending them off to Siberia. McCain is right to call Putin a thug and a murderer. Trump doesn’t even mind that Putin kills. When asked about Putin’s killing, Trump answered: “Well, I think that our country does plenty of killing, too, Joe…I’ve always felt fine about Putin. He’s a strong leader. He’s a powerful leader.” So Trump is fine with what Putin does since he’s a strong and powerful leader. He’s fine with an authoritarian government where the leader of the country can do whatever he wants – much like a dictator. It doesn’t seem like Trump likes the fact that his power can be limited by others. He doesn’t want any checks or balances for him. He threatened Democrats to give into him about Health Care. He threatened to get rid of the filibuster. He threatened and berated the judicial system because they chose the constitution and laws over him. In that same vein, he’s fine with what Duterte does. He even praised the authoritarian power grab done by Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan. He accepts murderers because the US does it too.

Considering that over 1000 civilians have been murdered by the US military under Trump’s administration in less than a year, it doesn’t seem likely that civilian casualties will wind down so civilian deaths probably will rise higher within the next four years. It’s terrible when you realize that the US military has killed more people in Syria and Iraq than the amount of people killed by Assad’s nerve gas. Both are completely terrible, but one is praised and the other is condemned when both should be condemned. It’s atrocious that the military doesn’t seem to be putting in a lot of effort to get the near certainty that civilian casualties won’t happen. It’s also atrocious that people support the military not taking a harder stance to protect civilians from becoming casualties and support the bombings that are killing innocent people. The way the military operates at the moment seems to suggest that they toned down their concern for civilians. Civilian casualties should always be considered murder. The 8 year old American girl who died because of Trump’s administration should be seen as having been murdered. Why is the president not holding the military accountable? The US military is bombing the hell out of countries, and has been for many years, and none of these US presidents ever seem to stop.

All in all, going by Trump’s own words, he consistently praises authoritarian leaders who have committed murder or sanctioned murder, so in that sense, Trump does fit in with the murderous crowd of those he praises just like many presidents before him as his administration continues to bomb other countries and murder civilians in hopes to get some terrorists, which is never a guarantee and still winds up with many civilian casualties.


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