Turning to Faith in Sickness


Lately life has been hectic; chaotic, really. I’ve been sick on and off, but this past weekend, I was sicker than I’ve been in a while. It was one hell of a severe cold that left me unable to stomach eating anything beyond a few bites here and there so I could take my medicine, mostly drinking water in attempts to stay hydrated, severe congestion and other sinus problems, cough, fatigue, and some body pains. Amazingly, it wasn’t the flu according to the test that I did at the doctor’s. These colds are nasty. But I am in a new environment this time of year, so maybe the environment isn’t agreeing with my immunity yet.

With all these illnesses, I’ve found myself turning to my faith more than ever. I asked my grandmother for a rosary, which she did have, great woman, and gifted it to me. I felt blessed and thankful. It’s a beautiful rosary, but more so, it’s my first rosary from when I can understand it more than when I was a young child going to Sunday school. It helped comfort me through the night as I prayed in bed, and I felt better mentally after praying, enough to finally help calm my thoughts into a more linear direction rather than being scrambled. I can’t really can’t find the right words to describe how I felt about the experience beyond that it was my personal choice to experience it. I felt that I could rest more peacefully and wake up feeling much better, which did happen. I still have my fever, but I’m not as bedridden as I have been these past few days which were nearly all day being sick out of my mind.

All of this served to remind me of my faith. Before I had gotten sick, I had read the first four chapters of the Gospel of Matthew, and it was through remembering my faith and turning to it that I felt some strength to power through the hard times and settle into the less sick days. I’m glad that I am better than I was these past few days. I’m hoping to keep up a commitment to read more of the Bible as I have read parts of both the Old and New Testaments but never completed the Bible as in read it from the first to the last line, with commentary. The Bible that I use is the New Oxford Annotated Bible: New Revised Standard Version With the Apocrypha and sometimes the HarperCollins Study Bible: New Revised Standard Version (NRSV).  I first decided to immerse myself into reading and learning more about Christianity as a whole a little over a year ago, and I’m glad I decided to do so. It helped me find my faith, along with other Christian writers such as my adventures into reading Søren Kierkegaard, and I’m hoping to read a little more into C.S. Lewis’s writings on Christianity.


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