Some of My Note-Taking Tools


Today, I thought I’d share some of the tools that I use for note-taking. For the most part, I like to take notes by hand as I have found that it’s easier for me to remember rather than typing it down. The only con is that it takes longer and my hand cramps faster writing than typing.

  1. I like using a clip board when I write. It keeps everything flat on the surface when I write. It helps me feel an extra sense of stability that I can write it on many different kinds of surfaces, but the clip board will be stiff and straight for me to write on.
  2. I’ve turned to using filler paper which I place in a binder that has tabs separating the different sections e.g. philosophy, religion, personal development, etc. rather than keep several different notebooks. I already have a ton, but I want to focus on organization as well now, which I feel the filler paper with a binder allows me much more room than notebooks.
  3. I like to carry around whiteout. I’m especially fond of the ones that I have right now. My mother gave it to me and some other writing tools as encouragement to continue my studies (and my art projects!), and the whiteout has come in handy many times already.
  4. I use my Pilot G2 Red Pen for my personal thoughts, opinions, and reactions while reading. I also write quotes I really like in red.
  5. I use my Blue Pen for key words and phrases, and for any kind of headings. This is mostly to separate headings from generic notes.
  6. I use my Black Pen for the most part. It’s the main color that I like taking my more detailed notes, often, my black pen is for notes that expands upon blue headings.
  7. Lastly, I use my Green Pen when noting down dates or people. This is a color that I rarely use, but I feel that it helps me to remember dates and people much easier than if these details were in black.

I’ll show an actual example of my note-taking style along with an explanation as to why I choose to do my notes in a certain way in another post. It’ll probably be my notes for Angela Duckworth’s Grit, so you’ll have that to look forward to! I will hopefully be finished with this project by the end of the month, which I’m hoping to be thorough about.


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