Review: Game of Thrones Season 7: Episode 2 (July 23, 2017)


The second episode of the seventh season of Game of Thrones wasn’t as hyped as the first episode in the beginning but it did get hype towards the end. This episode grew in intensity rather than in the first episode, it was whabam moments every so often.

~Spoilers Ahead!~

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Let’s get to the point of the grossest part of episode first. Poor Sam is always dealing with gross shit as a Maester, which, with the lack of sanitation and sterilization, is gag inducing. The utter torment Jorah Mormont goes through in his attempt to rid himself of greyscale is horrifying. I had to turn away when I realized what Sam was doing and you could see the pus coming out of the infected area. I wanted to throw up, but turning away helped me to power on. Sam is the man for handling it in order to try to save Jorah’s life. Sam is also a champ in taking the risk of contracting greyscale himself to save his old commander’s son from death. Sam’s scenes are always so hardcore.

Prophecies are once more ringing about in Game of Thrones as Melisandre enters the picture once more to give thought to the prophecy of Azor Ahai, which had also consumed Rhaegar. Now that we know High Valyrian is gender neutral in its pronouns, the person who could be Azor Ahai is once more up for question. I think it still leans more towards Jon being Azor Ahai. Who knows. It could also be Beric Dondarrion for all we know.

It appears they’re also going along with the prophecy given to Cersei by Maggy the Frog now that Arya has turned back Northbound when she found out that Jon is King in the North. She seems confident that the direwolf she encountered was not Nymeria. Perhaps Nymeria had a litter and that direwolf is a result of it? It has been a few years since everything happened, but whatever connection was there caused the wolves to turn back and leave Arya and her horse alone and alive. I think it’d be great that Arya and Nymeria were reunited with both eventually returning to Winterfell together, but it’s entirely possible that Nymeria has moved on and would rather stay in the wild with the wolf pack that she has gathered since she was forcefully chased off by Arya to protect her life (which Lady ended up paying for in the end, unfortunately).

Jon Snow is important as always, to a point where his lords and ladies are throwing a fuss when he wants to take the only chance they have at probably defeating the Night King and his army. Even Lyanna Mormont didn’t want Jon to go to Dragonstone. But Jon, utilizing his sense of rationality, persuaded his people to send him off willingly. Then his irrational side kicks back in and he ends up attacking Littlefinger, who had it coming but I digress. At least Arya’s on her way back to Winterfell so she can keep an eye on Littlefinger. Bran may be showing up in next episode as well, and may start his journey to Winterfell, so that will be interesting on how they continue to do Bran’s storyline.

Moreover, we’re also shown that Tyrian can get extremely hardcore in showing his loyalty to Daenerys. He’s willing to unleash the Dothraki and the Unsullied on his birthright at Casterly Rock. That was a little eye-popping that he is willing to go that far to show how hated the Lannisters are. I wonder how this move will be seen by Cersei and her allies, especially with the victory of Euron Greyjoy against Yara Greyjoy which ended with two of the Sand Sisters dead, and Ellaria and her daughter captured. Both women are probably going to be handed off to Cersei to be tortured then killed because Ellaria killed Myrcella who Tyrian also called out earlier in the episode because of how innocent Myrcella truly was. However, it is the Game of Thrones, but Cersei did get her revenge for two of her children – Joffrey by killing off Olenna’s grandchildren and more than likely when Euron arrives with his present to Cersei in order to marry her so that he may become King of the Iron Throne. Overall, they tried to play the game of thrones but now it was their turn to lose. Perhaps they shouldn’t have killed both Myrcella and Trystane. Now, with Doran dead, Ellaria captured, and the older Sand Snake siblings dead, what’s going to keep Dorne together? The episode ended well, and seeing the Sand Snakes dead (one pierced by her own weapon, the other hanging due to her own weapon) brought home the fact that Daenerys’s takeover of Westeros might not be as easy as she thinks it’s going to be, even with her dragons and the army she brought over from Essos. I also wonder if Daenerys might be more disinclined to listen to Tyrian considering how this venture failed because of Olenna’s advice. It could go either way, in my opinion.

I think there’s quite a bit to look forward to in the next episode. It is trippy that this season of Game of Thrones is only seven episodes long compared to the usual ten episodes. Two episodes in, and only five episodes left. Tragic. We need more Game of Thrones!


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