Review: Game of Thrones: Season 7: Episode 3 (July 30, 2017)


Just to forewarn, I don’t watch anything beyond once the credits start rolling at the end of the episode, so if there’s anything that’s typically after the credits, I have no idea. If there’s nothing, no harm no foul. Also, spoilers ahead like always!

EDIT: I updated a few parts of my review.

You can check out my reviews of episodes: 1 | 2 although my predictions haven’t been entirely accurate, it does continue on the narrative of Cersei carrying out her revenge in this episode conveniently titled: The Queen’s Justice.

This episode focused on long narratives – Daenerys, Sam, Cersei, Sansa and Bran, Jon, Tyrion, and Jaime that eventually all tied to Cersei and Jaime eventually getting revenge for the death of their children. The episode length felt well-paced in this episode enough to give each narrative enough time to develop. This episode did a great job in emphasizing how mad Cersei has become since the death of her children, particularly because of the death of her children, who it does seem like she truly did love after all – I’m convinced at least. Cersei mentions how she didn’t have a mother but Myrcella did, which does infer that Cersei did do her best to be a mother to Myrcella if only to give her what she couldn’t have (which is a form of control that Cersei could exert, and Myrcella was sweet and innocent that it probably worked out well for the both of them with the time they had together) and having her taken from her helped drive Cersei mad. Sometimes love turns us into monsters as it’s done to so many who have willingly chosen to take the lives of others to protect the ones they love in the ways that they could actually do something about as Olenna and Cersei have shown to have done. They were very much willing to order a murder to be done if they thought it would protect their family.

I’m glad that there was no rape scene like Cersei forced the Septa to endure from the Mountain. Although, killing Ellaria’s daughter the same way that Ellaria killed her daughter, and then forcing Ellaria to watch her child die in agony and then watch her body turn to bone and dust. “Your daughter will die here in this cell, and you will be here watching when she does. You’ll be here the rest of your days. If you refuse to eat, we’ll force food down your throat. You will live to watch your daughter rot. To watch that beautiful face collapse…to bone and dust. All the while contemplating the choices you’ve made.” The intensity of this scene is gut-wrenching. Ellaria is paying for her sins, and Cersei makes it known exactly why Ellaria and her daughter are about to suffer an incredibly cruel fate.

In addition, Jaime tried to be a good guy in the end by making Olenna’s death as painless as possible, and then she confessed that it was her that killed Joffrey, and it felt like Jaime felt he was getting fucked over again by trying to be a good guy. Olenna’s ruthlessness always was done, in her mind, to protect her family. She killed Joffrey to protect Margaery knowing she had a better chance with Tommen as her husband than being Joffrey’s wife. I doubt that Jaime would’ve done something different in the end, but at least he wouldn’t have been blindsided by the knowledge that he just poisoned the woman who murdered his first born and the older of his two sons. Jaime just keeps getting fucked – figuratively, and literally too as Cersei demonstrates her happiness at getting her revenge.

The best moments in the episode, to me, were: first, Davos introducing Jon after Missandei introduced all of Daenerys’s title was adorable at how awkward it was. It matched Jon perfectly too, awkward but still pressing on because he has to. Jon has no other choice but to press on. Then, when Davos defends Jon and speaks as a common man who chose alongside many Northern lords to follow a bastard (a Stark bastard, but a bastard nonetheless), which adds to Jon’s merit that he’s a pretty honorable guy, which helps by Tyrion’s constant endorsement of Jon, which enough to persuade Daenerys to allow Jon to mine the dragonglass even though she doesn’t believe in the White Walkers. It was pretty cute watching the two of them try to get to know one another. Perhaps they’re trying for a successful Targaryen-Stark couple despite Jon actually being half-Targaryen? Or perhaps as others have theorized that Jon may end up with Sansa? Or better yet, it’s going to be a threesome to follow in the footsteps of Aegon, Rhaenys, and Visenya?

Tyrion is getting outsmarted, and it’s like, oh boy. Jaime learning to outmaneuver a Lannister by utilizing a Stark strategy that was once used to beat him is ironic. Tyrion falling for the same trick as Jaime does emphasis how much of a Lannister Tyrion really is as was commented in the books by one of their family members. Tyrion is the most Lannister of all three of the Lannister children.  I’m glad that Cersei and her army is putting up a fight rather than being cowed by the fact that their opponent has three live fire breathing dragons as Tycho Nestoris of the Iron Bank reminds Cersei as he came seeking to collect the debt owed to the Iron Bank. Cersei did bring up a great point as to why the Iron Bank shouldn’t fund Daenerys who has screwed with their slave trade. (It was also fun seeing Mycroft even though I haven’t been keeping up with the Sherlock series.)

Melisandre’s part was a little interesting in how she told Varys that she’s heading back to Volantis, but will return to die in Westeros. Perhaps she’s heading back to Volantis to prepare for the upcoming war with the Night’s King and his army with an army of red priests, especially since it seems likely that the White Walkers will be trying to gain more ground by invading Westeros. We don’t know how far is truly beyond the wall although there are theories that there’s a connection with Essos beyond that wall, but who knows. Perhaps the red priests have been waiting to see if the White Walkers will attack through Essos or Westeros, and once they figured out where, they’ll be heading there for the final battle in order to vanquish the White Walkers.

Finally, it was great seeing Bran and Sansa reunited. But it was not cool of Bran to bring up Sansa’s rape, especially when he hasn’t even been back for a day. That’s just tactless, but he’s the three-eyed-raven now, so I doubt Bran really cares about being tactful. It does lend credibility to his claims of being the three-eyed-raven to Sansa, but it was seriously insensitive to bring up a topic like that. Bran knows Sansa probably isn’t ready to deal with what’s happened with her still, but perhaps that’s the point that Sansa needs to confront it because there’s worst things on the way aka the Night King.

It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out in next week’s episode!


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