Review: Game of Thrones: Season 7: Episode 4 (August 6, 2017)


I determinedly waited until today to watch the Game of Thrones episode despite the fact that it got leaked. I feel like waiting for each Sunday builds the hype in enjoying Game of Thrones. My heart could barely take this episode; I actually jumped up from my seat near the end of the episode.

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It was intense from beginning to end with a lot of it focused on the Starks (including Jon), Jaime, and Daenerys narratives.

Alas, three Starks are reunited, well, two and a half it seems like. Bran being only a shell of himself because he’s also the three-eyed-raven is intense. I can’t think of any other word. It’s like the Stark girls got their brother back, but not really because the Bran that they knew is no longer in charge but rather an imprint. His interactions with Littlefinger is a little disturbing knowing that Bran actually knows everything that’s happened, including that Littlefinger played a part in killing his father. Bran’s interaction with Meera was saddening, especially when Meera mentions Jojen. Bran’s apathy is there because of only being an shell of himself, which I think only Meera truly realizes. Maybe Arya and Sansa can bring him back if maybe they have a little bit of a magic in them that comes with being a Stark, but that seems doubtful.

Sansa and Arya couldn’t be more different, but they are sisters and that’s what matters. Both, in a way, got what they wanted even if the path to get there wasn’t how they wanted it to go. Sansa is now a Lady of a kingdom belonging to her family that she’s in charge of until her brother, the current king, is back from his mission. Moreover, Arya is a warrior now. Arya’s little spar with Brienne was great. The ecstatic smile at the end showed that Arya was in her element and that this time, she was going to accept Brienne’s help. Both are realizing that they’ve missed so much in each other’s lives, but they’re together again. Wolves are stronger as a pact.

I liked Daenerys going off on Tyrion and then putting Jon on the spot because she wants to hear from multiple perspectives. As Daenerys has heard so much about how much of a good king Jon supposedly is, perhaps his advice would suffice as Tyrion’s strategies haven’t been working. It’s also like she’s testing to him as to see what his actions would be as king as he refuses to bend the knee and thus would have to make tough decisions to fighting a war that they’re currently losing, which Jon can understand the sentiment of. However, he was raised a Stark and goodness won out, as his long speech to Daenerys showed:

“I never thought that dragons would exist again. No one did. The people who follow you know that you made something impossible happen. Maybe that helps them believe that you can make other impossible things happen. Build a world that’s different from the shit one they’ve always known. But if you use them to melt castles and burn cities, you’re not different. You’re just more of the same.”

In the end, Jon somewhat backs Tyrion up in not going after the Red Keep as Daenerys originally planned, but that didn’t stop her from going to Highgarden.

Ah, Highgarden… I bet the Tarly’s are regretting helping the Lannisters now, as they should. They knew dragons were always a threat. Poor Dickon though. His confession really brings home the fact that people are fighting against people they were once allied with. It’s almost reminiscent of a civil war where relatives could fight relatives or friends fighting friends if they were on opposing sides. Bronn’s actions might’ve just saved Jaime’s life in the end or just made him die a different way (death by water rather than by fire), but we’ll probably see in the upcoming episodes. Or was it Dickon or someone else that saved Jaime? It was all intense.

I jumped up when Bronn managed to hit Daenerys’s dragon with the creation that Qyburn made. It kind of made him Girion 2.0 from Tolkien’s Hobbit lore where he managed to hit the dragon but not kill it. Will Bronn eventually redeem himself and become Bard 2.0 instead if he managed to survive the carnage?

Tyrion’s close up as he watched Jaime was shattering to me. Normally I cheer for Daenerys, but I really want Jaime and Bronn to live, and kind of hoped that Bronn had succeeded in killing one of the dragons, if only to be really dramatic, but Daenerys does need to start winning. Watching Tyrion watch the only man who probably cared about him for most of his life and be like: “Run you idiot….You idiot…You fucking idiot…” as Jaime rushed to try to kill Daenerys, only for her dragon to get in the way. It was like: “oh shit, he’s going for it!”

I wonder what the response will be to Daenerys using her dragons alongside the Dothraki warriors to slaughter the Lannister soldiers and their allies who had just succeeded in overtaking Highgarden from the Tyrells. Now that they’ve lost a lot of resources, will the Iron Bank help Cersei? It doesn’t seem like it as the condition was for them to help when the money reaches, but since they lost Highgarden, that isn’t feasible anymore unless they did manage to get some money back to King’s Landing before they were attacked, which seems doubtful. Cersei was so confident in Jaime that she didn’t account for Daenerys screwing her over that badly. How will Cersei react to losing Highgarden and the resources that come with it? More importantly, how will she react to apparently losing Jaime?

I finished watching once the credits started, so can now only wait for the next episode. It’s weird that there’s only three more episodes left, but alas…

How did you find this past episode?


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